[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Wed Mar 16, 2016

TSB Admin nhc.tsbadmin at noaa.gov
Wed Mar 16 13:04:14 UTC 2016

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Monica


GFE issues:
1. Formatter produced blank offshores for some of the NT4 zones on the  
Atlantic desk this morning. GFE was restarted and NT4 issue resolved itself.

2. Banner for HSFEP3 coming up an hour early it seems to be on local time  
rather than UTC time.

NAWIPS issues:
3. When launching high wind graphic from Grunt, TAFB received several error  
messages and product did not make it out to the web. They launched the high  
wind graphic from Starfish the product finally went out ok.

4. Derecho and Debout both had NMAP2 crashes after logging in. TAFB  
rebooted both machines which in corrected the problem this time.

NHC RFC (request for change) #162 was implemented this week that moves the  
dataflow of the WCOSS AMSU fixes from CIRA from depositing directly on the  
ATCF servers to instead post to the opah server. TSB's team ATCF is  
attempting to consolidate the dataflow of all external ATCF fixes and model  
trackers to opah so that NHC, CPHC and WPC will have access to all of these  
Other items:
1. NCO attempted to do work regarding disabling the USB ports on NHC  
Windows systems and ran into some problems. Implementation will be  
completed by the end of this week.

2. TSB and NCO investigated the dropouts in the GOES-W imagery and the data  
from NHC's local processing looks good again. TSB will coordinate with TAFB  
to schedule a time to revert back to NHC's data from the NESDIS feed.

3. NCO informed TSB that we lost the Unisys server yesterday that is used  
for radar data. NCO is working on getting a replacement

4. NHC RFC #161 was implemented this week to Migrate processing script that  
writes recon HDOB data into NAWIPS from the pinfish workstation to the  
operational compute servers (nhc-lx-comp01/comp03). This transition will  
facilitate troubleshooting and make the generation of these operational  
HDOB recon datasets more robust/less prone to outages.

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