[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Thu Mar 10, 2016

Christopher Mello - NOAA Federal christopher.mello at noaa.gov
Thu Mar 10 21:25:28 UTC 2016

The .25 euro wind fields stopped ingesting. There was a change in the
header and we need to make a change and bounce the EDEX server...
We hope to get it done by the 00Z run...


On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 9:24 AM, TSB Admin <nhc.tsbadmin at noaa.gov> wrote:

> Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
> --- Mello
> ----------
> *TAFB:*
> 1. Forecasters on Wednesday noticed the satellite images contained black
> streaks (seems like a signal loss problem). TSB switched our local
> satellite feed to the backup NESDIS feed. TSB/NCO is searching for a
> solution.
> 2. TAFB submitted a NHC Helpdesk Ticket with the NCO regarding the Windows
> system located at/in TAFB Pacific Desk. A spurious notepad document titled
> "Windows Batter Critical" opened on the Pacific desk PC. The document
> contained a jumbled computer language. NCO indicates this will get fixed by
> Monday.
> 3. Jeff opened an NCF ticket regarding a pop up banner in GFE that reports
> missing forecast grids even though grids were present. APO and TAFB are
> discussing possible solutions.
> *HSU:*
> 1. Brian fixed the problem logging into the ATCF sever Wednesday soon
> after HSU forecasters identified the problem.
> *Other items:*
> This is the first test using the new google forms for the morning rounds.

Chris Mello
National Hurricane Center
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