[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] HSU Shift Log -- Technical Edition -- Tue Jun 14, 2016

HSU Shift Log nhc.tsbadmin at noaa.gov
Tue Jun 14 23:53:07 UTC 2016

HSU Shift Log for Tue Jun 14 2016 19:53:02 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Shift: R

Forecaster: SR Stewart

Technical Issues Summary:

ATCF issues: None.

N-AWIPS/AWIPS2 issues: SAWFISH system locked up and cursor was  
non-functional. Had to hard boot system to bring it back up; system worked  
fine after re-booting. Buoys 41044, 41046, 42059, and 42056, and the ABC  
islands are double and triple plotting such that 1-minute wind data and  
pressure values can not be discerned most of the time.

Other Techincal issues: Hurricane Hotline (Circuit PLLJ908235) began  
producing a loud, high-pitch squealing noise from 2047Z-2108Z. Called AT&T  
and reported problem; AT&T Trouble Desk said that two other tickets had  
been opened on the circuit between 1700-1900Z due to lack of connectivity  
at Petersen AFB, CO (NORAD) and Corpus Christi, TX (CRP), but not due to  
the aforementioned noise. Squealing noise ceased, but loud static noise is  
now on the line. Latest trouble ticket number (from earlier CRP ticket)  
being used is 661403193.
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