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Christopher Mello - NOAA Federal christopher.mello at noaa.gov
Tue Jun 7 01:32:02 UTC 2016

There was a problem running the OFFNT3  this evening...We traced the
problem via the code to the lines that read the previous synopsis. We then
noticed there were missing dots in the previous product that the formatter
was trying to read .. We fixed the old product, and the formatter ran...

Lesson learned...check the old synopsis for missing dots at the beginning
if the formatter fails to run....


On Mon, Jun 6, 2016 at 1:08 PM, TSB Admin <nhc.tsbadmin at noaa.gov> wrote:

> Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
> --- Craig Mattocks
> ----------
> *TAFB:*
> 1. In an effort to comply with mixed-case text guidelines, TAFB
> forecasters began issuing the Tropical Weather Discussions (TWDAT and TWDEP
> products) with a mixed-case Mass News Disseminator (MND) header block, e.g.:
> Tropical Weather Discussion
> NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL
> 752 PM EDT SUN JUN 5 2016
> Note that the issuance date/time line must remain in ALL-CAPS until AWIPS
> build 16.2.2 is installed due to an incompatibility with NWRWAVES (NOAA
> Weather Radio With All­Hazards VTEC Enhanced Software).
> Unfortunately, this change in the product headers cused a text parsing
> error so the products could not be displayed correctly on NHC's web site.
> TSB Web Developer Dave Zelinsky had to scramble on a weekend to fix the
> problem.
> Forecasters are advised to coordinate with TSB before making any changes
> like this.
> 2. TAFB forecasters reported that the surface progs would not launch from
> the Cumulus N-AWIPS workstation at 06Z on Saturday, June 4 (workstation
> hung up). They were successfully launched from Crappie. After rebooting the
> Cumulus workstation, the scripts began running fine.
> 3. The OFFN04 (NAVTEX marine forecast, Miami) product crashed several
> times for 5:30 am issuances. To work around this problem, the previous
> version was retransmitted and the time was changed. TAFB Surface Anayst
> Evelyn Rivera-Acevedo discovered that the weather type "SQ" (squall) was
> not defined in the wxHierarchies() function/def in the GFE Python script
> for this product. She added it to the function, which corrected the problem.
> *HSU:*
> 1. There have been multiple problems importing the EMX/EMXI/GFSI forecast
> aids in the ATCF during TS Colin. This is a NCEP problem, caused by the
> Marchok vortex tracker not being able to locate the center of the weak,
> disorganized storm.
> 2. The SST anomaly plots on NHC's web site:
> http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/tafb/atl_anom.gif
> did not compare well with those on the Climate Prediction Center's web
> site:
> http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/hurricane/atlsst_lastweek.gif
> TSB Developer Matt Overlinde discovered that the average SST needed to be
> computed for the middle (15th day) of the month, instead of the first of
> the month. This correction remedied the cold bias in the western Atlantic.
> The SST anomalies in the NHC product are now in much better agreement with
> those computed by CPC.
> 3. Noise problems continue with the Hurricane Hotline, despite recent work
> by AT&T technicians in Silver Spring. NCO is monitoring thia issue.
> 4. Web-launch errors occurred for social media products due to a missing
> account on the backup web server (hsu at nhc-vm-www02). A different, shared
> account was used, so the product successfully posted to the web. TSB Web
> Developer Dave Zelinsky and NCO SysAdmin Brian Maher fixed this problem.
> 5. RSO (Rapid Scan Operations) satellite imagery is still not available.
> TSB Developer Monica Bozeman will create a McIDAS alias that points to the
> NESDIS location in order to ingest the imagery.
> *Other items:*
> *NHC RFCs:*

Chris Mello
National Hurricane Center
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