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Since I sent my last email asking for you all to report anything to TSB in
the shift logs there has only been 1 entry (including today). Therefore it
is difficult to test my new changes to the shift logs. The code checks to
see if anything is written into the GFE/NCP Problems, N-AWIPS Problems and
Facility/Other Problems questions. Even if there is nothing to report on a
shift, can whoever is filling them out please type in something in one or
more of the indicated boxes for a few days? The code works fine if I run it
by hand, so getting a real test with forecaster input would be a better

Thanks for your assistance!


Monica Bozeman
National Hurricane Center
monica.bozeman at noaa.gov

On Mon, Jul 18, 2016 at 6:06 PM, Monica Bozeman - NOAA Federal <
monica.bozeman at noaa.gov> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I just re-sent all the old TAFB technical shift logs from the updated
> code. Whoever is doing the morning rounds, please keep an eye on what TAFB
> items you see in the forecaster issues for TSB sheet and the actual TAFB
> shift logs sheet compared with what you get in your inbox. I want to call
> this done, but I would like to have this extra verification for the next
> few days.
> TAFB, please report anything and everything you see wrong for TSB to
> address this week so we can really test out my changes to the shift logs.
> Thanks,
> Monica
> Monica Bozeman
> Meteorologist/Programmer
> National Hurricane Center
> 301-683-1553
> monica.bozeman at noaa.gov
> <http://www.wdtb.noaa.gov/badges/monica.bozeman>
> On Mon, Jul 18, 2016 at 12:09 PM, TSB Admin <nhc.tsbadmin at noaa.gov> wrote:
>> Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
>> --- Craig Mattocks
>> ----------
>> *TAFB:*
>> 1. Light bulbs were reported out in the TAFB Ops area. NHC Administrator
>> Officer Jann Perez will take care of this problem and should be contacted
>> directly via email whenever there are facilities issues.
>> 2. Although the ATCF launches from the TAFB N-AWIPS workstations,
>> forecasters cannot view the advisory text messages. Error 13 (permission
>> denied) messages from the ${ATCFFLS}/nhc_prtcarq application may indicate
>> that this functionality is restricted due to the TAFB version of ATCF
>> running in "safe mode". TSB Team ATCF will investigate.
>> 3. The TAFB shift log scripts are intermittently reporting issues to the
>> TSB spreadsheet. TSB personnel should look at the Google TAFB shift log
>> spreadsheet since no email updates are being sent to TSB. Issue still under
>> investigation.
>> *HSU:*
>> 1. Incorrect file permissions on the ATCF servers at CPHC. An aberrant
>> change in the file creation mask (umask) on the ATCF servers at CPHC caused
>> multiple problems downstream, including: users not able to access/view the
>> Hurricane Celia Best Track on NHC's ftp site after the storm was handed off
>> to CPHC, failures in forecast guidance retrieval from WCOSS at CPHC, and
>> the TAFB rainfall products not updating correctly. TSB Team ATCF (Monica
>> Bozeman, Mike Brennan, and Craig Mattocks) fixed the file permissions
>> problems and provided recommendations for the CPHC System Administrators on
>> how to permanently correct this problem.
>> 2. The 12Z July 17 SHIPS guidance for Darby
>> (atcf/stext/16071712EP0516_ships.txt) was not available in the pop-up menu
>> in the "print ships" tool on the HSU ATCF workstations, although the data
>> was in the decks. TSB is investigating whether there was a problem with the
>> "stext" file coming back from WCOSS.
>> 3. CPHC's TCM and the TCP products for Hurricane Celia had incorrect PILs
>> (Product Identifier Labels) after the storm was handed off. The PILs are
>> manually typed in by HSU. According to Senior Hurricane Specialist Mike
>> Brennan, there is no easy way to automate this, because the storm bin
>> number often changes when a system moves into the Central Pacific basin -
>> it's always given the next bin number in CPHC's rotation. HSU and CPHC's
>> forecasters will need to coordinate more closely during
>> basin-crossing/storm-handoff situations.
>> *Other items:*
>> A series of TCV/storm surge collaboration tests will be conducted
>> Monday-Thursday this week.
>> *NHC RFCs:*
>> RFC #183: ingest v1.0.1 - HSU forecasters had noted that the automated
>> ingest of the TAFB Dvorak fixes into the ATCF were taking longer than TAFB
>> giving them the Dvorak worksheet, so they were spending time entering them
>> by hand. This change speeds up the posting and ingest process by forking
>> the processes and running them in parallel for all basins. Implemented on
>> July 8 at 1825Z.
>> RFC #184: gerso.pl v1.2.0 - With NHC's GOES-E satellite ingest down, NHC
>> has failed over to the NESDIS feed to get data for operations. Data
>> locations and scripts to process the Rapid Scan Operations (RSO) data from
>> NESDIS were never setup, so this RFC is addressing that now. NHC is also
>> adding new NESDIS McIDAS aliases to the RSO data and adding subroutines to
>> the existing perl code to pull and process the RSO and put it on the
>> NetApp. To be implemented on July 18 at 1500Z.
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