[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Mon Jul 11, 2016

TSB Admin nhc.tsbadmin at noaa.gov
Mon Jul 11 16:12:44 UTC 2016

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Monica


TAFB submitted an NCO Helpdesk ticket for the printer in TAFB ops since it  
was failing to print anything including the TC Dvorak classifications. NCO  
has just fixed this as of 10 minutes ago.
-Brennan reported that a "cachefilesd" process was using all the CPU power  
over the weekend. This process was a consequence of the Red Hat upgrade and  
NCO has now disabled this process.
-The root cause of the Euro Ships guidance failing on Sat was due to their  
grib files arriving late and therefore were not decoded. This process  
worked again during the next run.
-Automated import of the TAFB Dvorak fixes into the ATCF have improved  
according to shift logs, but some additional tweaking is needed. TSB will  
continue to troubleshoot this.
-A corrected SAB fix overwrote the original 12Z fix in the ATCF. TSB will  
attempt to grab the original and add it back into the fdeck. Additional  
troubleshooting may be required to permanently fix this if it becomes a  
repeat issue.
-HSU shift log emails are still occasionally sending duplicates. TSB will  
continue to monitor and troubleshoot this.
-No FSSE trackers for the A shift on 7/10 at 6Z. TSB will investigate.
-Forecasters reported that the Himawari data has not been available for the  
past few days. A series of issues with the dataflow from both NESDIS and  
NCO have affected the data reaching NHC. The dataflow has been restored,  
and the local processing code has caught up with the data stream so H8 is  
now available in NAWIPS again. See the SDM log and previous morning rounds  
for more info.
-The pac-atcf workstation is still slow. TSB and NCO will investigate.
-The atlantic ATCF workstation was reported as being slow. It was  
reccomended that the R shift from 7/10 do a reboot to see if the  
performance improved. TSB has not heard anything further from HSU, so  
hopefully the reboot has improved the performance issues.
-HSU reported that the HSU ops printer has been printing black streaks and  
warning about the transfer cartridge being low. An NCO helpdesk ticket will  
need to be submitted for this.
-The hurricane hotline did not ring for the 7/10 17Z Medium Range call. TSB  
and NCO will investigate.
Other items:
-Storm Surge AWIPS2 Sprint this week
-NESDIS has been tasked to provide more transparency with the times  
available to request RSO operations. New changes to their website to  
indicate blackout or maintenance periods will be implemented in the coming  
months. See the SDM log for more info.
1. NHC #182: Dave will implement new olor-coded dataflow visualization  
scripts for the NHC intranet today at 12Z
2. NCO #2098: GFDL v14.0.3 upgrade on 7/12 at 12Z, see TIN for more info
3. NCO #2101: HWRF v10.0.3 upgrade on 7/12 at 1330Z, see TIN for more info

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