[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Tue Jan 19, 2016

Mark DeMaria - NOAA Federal mark.demaria at noaa.gov
Tue Jan 19 13:20:13 UTC 2016

Here is today's update on NHC's computer operations.



TSB will provide an update this week on the issue with TAFB not getting
some of the surface observations that are available to WPC and OPC.



Other Issues:

The red DOD phone in the CARCAH office was ringing for long periods of time
over the weekend. When the phone was picked up there was no one on the
other end. John Pavonne reported the problem and it is being investigated.
The temporary solution is to take the phone off the hook when that happens.

One of the AC units in the computer room needs repair. The AC contractor
came to do some work on Friday, which involves welding. Thanks to some
quick thinking by Luis (one of the guards), this work was postponed because
the welding would have triggered the new fire suppression system, which
costs about $30,000 to recharge. We will need to schedule a time when the
fire suppression is disabled before the AC work repair begins. I followed
up on how to disable the system so we can schedule this later this week if
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