[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Mon Feb 8, 2016

Mark DeMaria - NOAA Federal mark.demaria at noaa.gov
Mon Feb 8 12:55:56 UTC 2016

Here is a summary of today's computer operations.




The spot forecast text formatter issue was resolved.

The missing AWIPS menu options on LXB-NHCN was resolved.

The 2nd standing desk N-AWIPS system (debout) still does not have access to
ftp gate. TSB is working with NCO on this. Based on dercho, this will
probably take a few more days.


No new issues.


As is probably obvious, the roof work is in full swing. The contractors
moved the cables from the GOES antennas early this morning so they can
continue removing the old roof. They also need to briefly disconnect the
AWIP SBN antenna for the next section. We will coordinate with TAFB and the
Miami WFO on the timing of that.
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