[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Wed Aug 31, 2016

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Wed Aug 31 15:13:58 UTC 2016

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Craig Mattocks


1. Forecaster Marshall Huffman noticed missing text in the Objective Aids  
panel and an alert "Error! No objective aids found in file" when an ATCF  
session was launched from the crappie workstation. This might be caused by  
a file permissions setting or the large size of the A-deck for Hurricane  
Gaston. Monica Bozeman and Craig Mattocks are investigating.

2. Update: Issues with the tropical wave diagnostics. These are  
experimental, non-operational products that run on the compdev server. TAFB  
forecasters Andrew Levine and/or Andy Latto should be contacted if there  
are problems or delays with these products.
1. The ATCF seemed slow for Hurricane Gaston (but not TD 8) on the backup  
operational desk. This degradation in performance is well known and is  
caused by the large size of the A-deck for long-lived tropical cyclones.  
The A-deck for Hurricane Gaston (aal072016.dat) is 27 MB in size (and  
growing), while the A-deck for TD 8 (aal082016.dat) is currently only 4.9  
MB in size.
Other items:
 From the SDM's log:

1. NCAR Gulfstream-V obs are now being assimilated into the operational  

0245Z - Since the NOAA G-IV is down for maintenance
currently...the NCAR GV is scheduled to fly into Hurricane Lester to
provide obs for the storm. Currently, obs from the GV are not
assimilated into ops. EMC performed tests on the GV obs today
and found the data to be of good quality. After approval from
NCEP Management, EMC instructed the SDM to take GV obs off the
delete list and allow them into the operational models.

2. HWRF output file transfer failures.

0341Z - The transfer_1/hur/hwrf job timed out and failed.
Keith looked at the output and the job is still syncing 12Z
files. Looks like this transfer is having trouble keeping up
with 6 storms to sync.
1. An accelerated RFC was implemented yesterday by MDL to permanently fix  
the ATCF deck-reading program (adeck.c) that is used to quality-control the  
Best Track data prior to running Psurge. The code can now read free-flowing  
genesis information that was added to the deck structure in early 2015 by  

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