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Wed Oct 18 16:40:42 UTC 2017

WWIII Notes - Weds, Oct 18, 2017

Hi Everyone,

At today’s development call the main topic was git.  We had a smaller group
than expected, so we can revisit this topic at a later time if
wanted/needed. Here are the notes from today’s call:


   Update on specifying more boundary types for unstructured grids:  The
   decision is to stay with gmsh format for specifying WW3 unstructured grids.
   An additional file will specify different boundary types or nodal
   attirubutes.  Boundaries can still be specified as they are now and this
   additional file option will be specified through an namelist value in
   &UNST.  The format of this file is TBD.


   Don't have a VLab account and want one? The process takes about 1 day
   and to start you need to send me your name, institution, email and phone
   number.  Note that this first step get’s you an account on VLab (there are
   two parts to it) and then I will need to add you to the WW3 projects so
   that you actually have access to clone the git repos.


   Notes on transition from svn to git: (repeated from pdf)

-The GIT repo was created with the svn trunk r98082

-Binary and large files were not migrated to GIT.

-The cases and smc_docs folder were removed.  The smc_docs folder as a
whole will come back when the smc documentation is in latex format.  For
now both cases and the smc_docs folder are stored on the ftp site along
with files for regtests that are binary. The ftp site:

-To automatically download the data from the ftp site:

>> sh model/bin/ww3_from_ftp.sh

-To keep from adding unintentional files to the GIT repo (and therefore
keep binary files out…) I have added a .gitignore file.

The following files were accidentally removed (mistaken for binary) were
re-added to the GIT repo without their history  (Note, these files had not
changed in the past 4 years):






-If you need to add a binary file for a regtest, this will need to be added
to the ftp site.  Contact the code manager: jessica.meixner at noaa.gov

check which files are being added and make sure no unintended files are
being added.


   Overview of the redmin page:
   https://vlab.ncep.noaa.gov/redmine/projects/emc-ww3 which is similar to
   what the trac page was for svn.  Trac tickets are equivalent to redmine
   issues.  Tickets and milestones in the raodmap  were not migrated over.  If
   you have a relevant ticket or a milestone (now called version) on trac that
   should be migrated over please create a new version or issue in redmine.


   You can create new version(milestones) or issue (ticket) by clicking on
   the + sign on the top left of the redmine webpage and select “new issue” or
   “new version”.  We will continue with the “6.XX Milestone Description”
   format as before.


   Overview of GIT basic commands: We went over some basics in git.  I will
   be adding sections to the pdf document previously sent out on:


   What exactly is code-review? (Note, we will eventually be using more of
   this including expanding the features that Jenkins will test for in the
   future. For now the reviewer is still just me essentially).

   How to make sure you are checking out a specific remote branch and how
   do you check which branch your local branch was created from.

   Another question that was asked is if we expected the rate of commits to
   the master to be different than with svn:  I don’t expect that the number
   of commits to the master will change with GIT as they were with svn.  I do
   assume/hope/encourage that bug fixes will be slightly more frequent and
   separate from other development instead of wrapped up in larger development

   Other questions, suggested topics to cover, etc? -- please send them to
   me so we can add them to the document or go over as a group at a future


   Next WW3 call:

Wednesday, November 15th

10:30am ET (Note Daylight savings time in the US ends on November 5th)

Qingxiang Liu from the University of Melbourne will present “Spectral
modelling of ice-induced wave decay: implementation of a viscoelastic
theory in WAVEWATCH III”

As always, please send me any questions/comments/suggestions!



Jessica Meixner
IMSG Support Scientist
NCEP/EMC Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch
NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction
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