[Ncep.list.wwatch3.discussion-group] WWIII Developer Meeting Minutes -- Wed Sept 7th 2016

Jessica Meixner - NOAA Affiliate jessica.meixner at noaa.gov
Wed Sep 7 21:06:06 UTC 2016

WWIII Notes -- Wed Sept 7th 2016

Hi Everyone,

We are still on track for the public release at the end of the month.  To
make that happen, we are requesting any remaining documentation by the end
of next week.  The last major edition will be extreme waves, which has one
last minor issue to fix before being it will be reintegrated into the
trunk.   The remaining code/bug/branch integrations include the following:


   Bugfixes2 branch

   Bugfixes branch

   Out_st branch

   Icesct branch

   system tracking optimization

   Doc_edits branch

   Fix issues with running on Cray

   Move the larger files outside of the WW3/model folder

   Add w3_clean -r option

   IF (logicalflag1.eq..true..or.logicalflag2.eq..true) → IF

If you have code/bug/branches that need to be reintegrated into the trunk
and are not on the list above please let me know as soon as possible.   As
soon as these additions are in the trunk I will run a final set of
regression tests.

At the meeting Servesh Muralidharan gave a presentation introducing the
optimization project he and Michael Lysaght from Irish Center for High End
Computing (ICHEC).  The project’s overarching goal is to  enable and
optimize Wavewatch for 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Phi-based (code name
Knights Landing) systems (self bootable processors – not co-processors).
We will be creating a sub-group, which is open to anyone interested in
joining, to help facilitate this optimization work from the WW3 community.  If
you would like to be added to this list please let me know.  The current
list is Erick, Frederic, Tim, Mickael, Fabrice, Henrique, Arun, Will, and



Jessica Meixner
IMSG Support Scientist
NCEP/EMC Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch
NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction
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