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Fabrice Ardhuin ardhuin at ifremer.fr
Mon Nov 14 15:51:57 UTC 2016

Hi to all,
I generally agree with these ...
case 2) corresponds for example to Mike Foreman's T-Tide package and P. 
Janssen 2nd order spectrum routines. Both were in Fortran (including F66 
for Foreman ... that was ... interesting...) and I just adjusted these 
and interfaced them with WW3. So they are now co-authors.

    1) When code is relying on papers by others, do those "others" get
    entered into Section 1.4? For example work by Komen and the
    Hasselmanns is ST1: do the three of them get entered?

No. They can refer to the papers in the manual section corresponding to 
that development but they are not involved in some way with the code

    2) When code is two steps removed from WW3. Example: Dr. A provides
    matlab code to Dr. B and Dr. B implements it in Fortran in Model X
    and Dr. C takes that code and ports it to WW3. Is Dr. A included in
    Section 1.4?

Drs B and C yes because they are both associated with the code. Going a 
further level is too much

    3) If a Professor A closely supervises the coding of a new WW3
    routine by Student B, does Professor A get included in Section 1.4?

Yes because both are involved in the development (even if in an advising 

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>     Hi Everyone,
>     _*IMPORTANT:*_ *Please check and confirm your contributions are
>     accounted* *for in Section 1.4* */by Wednesday/* /*before our
>     monthly call*/ as it appears we have unintentionally left out some
>     contributions.  Please update and add any changes to the doc_edits
>     branch or send me an email directly. We will update the manual for
>     the public release Wednesday afternoon. During the monthly call we
>     will also discuss how the manual will be referenced, so please
>     join us.
>     In addition to discussing the reference of the manual, we will
>     discuss and set plans for version 6 of WAVEWATCH III. If you have
>     a development project that you plan on going into the next
>     version, please add it as a milestone on the roadmap wiki page.
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>     AGENDA
>     1.  Discuss how the user manual will be referenced.
>     2.  Set plans for version 6: We will discussed what we missed for
>     version 5 and what everyone one has planned for version 6.
>     Please let me know if anyone has any questions.
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