[Ncep.list.wwatch3.discussion-group] WW3 Recent Trunk Updates

Jessica Meixner - NOAA Affiliate jessica.meixner at noaa.gov
Mon May 23 00:36:09 UTC 2016


There have been many recent trunk updates and I wanted to take a minute to
highlight some of the recent changes.  I also wanted to announce that the
alpha release of v5.12 has just occurred. The goal is for a public release
in June once extreme sea-states and TSA have been added.

Recent Trunk Updates:
1. Bugfixes have been merged in from the following branches:  namelist,
smc_update, swarp and icesct.
2. Document updates have been merged from doc_edits.
3. Various bug fixes have also been made for regtests with ice and a bug in
4. Restart file changes: Files sizes of the restart files have been reduced
and performance enhancements for initializing from restart files have
NOTE: This means *restart files are no longer backwards* *compatible *starting
with r75894. (See Stefan's log message for r75987 in the bugfixes branch or
trunk log message from r75987 for for more details).

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