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Below are the minutes of the WAVEWATCH III meeting for November

WWIII  Notes -- Nov 18th 2015

The main focus of the discussion this month were the planned upgrades that
we need to get into the trunk before the next public release. Our tentative
date for the public release  is March 2016 but that can be changed if a
critical update can be brought into the trunk before that. Given below are
the upcoming milestones and the tentative schedule to get them into the
trunk for testing. We expect about a month to two months of regression
testing before the code can be ready for public release


This package is at a level of maturity that it can be merged into the trunk
over the next month or two. Ifremer and NRL are taking the lead in this.

TSA -- Jan / Feb

The TSA package has been developed and is currently being tested for bugs
outside of the subversion server. BIO is going to provide us with the code
over the next month and I will put it in a branch with the switch NLX for
initial testing. The code has been tested with ST4 physics at BIO. We will
do a year long regression test using a global grid and ST4 physics at NCEP.
Stephan has volunteered to do a parallel test with ST6 physics at BOM. Once
we are satisfied that everything is working well we will make this the NL4
switch option and reintegrate into the trunk


This package is in an advanced stage of development at URI. Expect
reintegration to trunk in the next two months


This package is for coupling WAVEWATCH III using ESMF protocols and is
under active development at NRL and now NOAA. We expect to have the ability
of a small set of fields be imported and exported across the models. At
this level we will limit this to a single grid domain.


I need a timeline on this from Russell and Mike.


Again need a timeline on this from Aaron.


The package has been developed and tested for the Adriatic Sea. Large scale
global validation runs currently being worked on. Expect delivery for the
trunk in the next two months.


This is a little tentative. Our plan was to have all inputs for v 5 be in
namelist formats (as opposed to the mixed batch used right now). We are
still keen on doing this but that means all involved parties will have to
push this now. This is an important feature and if it will lead to the
release being pushed by a couple of months, it is still worth it. I need to
talk with IFREMER and see if having this in the trunk by Feb is a realistic
goal or not.

Above are the outlined major packages that we would like to release with v
5 of WAVEWATCH III. The others are being pushed to v 6. Please let me know
if I am missing anything. Do let me know if the tentative schedule that I
have outlined here works for you.

We shall not have another meeting in December and will meet in January. But
I will be in touch with the different group to keep an eye on the status
and check what can be reintegrated into the trunk.

Happy Holidays !

Arun Chawla
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