[Ncep.list.wwatch3.discussion-group] WAVEWATCH III alpha release v5.08

Arun Chawla - NOAA Federal arun.chawla at noaa.gov
Tue Jun 2 13:41:37 UTC 2015

Dear Alpha User,

We are making available for you access to an early version of the wave
model package WAVEWATCH III (alpha v 5.08). You have been identified as a
recipient for an alpha release by one or more of the core developers of the
model . The intent of this distribution is to provide access to users that
may benefit from an early release, as well as provide critical feedback on
changes to the code that may be implemented before the broader, public
release of WAVEWATCH III v5, schedule tentatively for March 2016.

Before you access the code, as per instructions below, you are required to
read the more complete list of rights and responsibilities regarding access
and use to the WAVEWATCH III alpha 5.08  version, provided in a letter
encapsulated in a pdf file, attached to this email.

This email is not to be distributed to third parties, as it contains access
instructions to a restricted area of our ftp server at noaa.gov. Access to
the code is limited to yourself, as the intention of this alpha release is
to have a controlled number of advanced users trying out the code before
the public release. If you have a colleague that is interested in alpha
testing, please ask him/her to send an email to the NCEP development team
making a request and letting us know the intent/context.

The WAVEWATCH III alpha 5.08 codes can be downloaded at the following


General instructions:

It is expected that you are using a Unix/Linux compatible environment.

1) Create a main directory for the code (eg, mkdir WW3_508 and cd)

1) ftp the file over

2) untar the outer container (ie, tar xvfz wwatch3.alpha.v5.08.tar.gz)

3) You'll be left with five files:







4) Execute ./install_ww3_tar and you should get a complete installation.
You can test the model by running regression tests under the new
area/directory regtests. Use the script ./regtests/bin/run_test and a local
version of your wwatch3.env file (created at the main WW3 directory level)
to go beyond the usual default testing available within work (although I
recommend you do the latter first). The cases directory contains samples of
large model runs (Note : These were developed for specific HPC
architectures and would have to be modified to work on different HPC

If you've changed your mind and no longer want to be an alpha tester, just
ignore this email and delete it safely.


IMPORTANT: If you have not registered to be a WAVEWATCH user please do so
at this link


Mailing List

The WAVEWATCH III users mailing list is a useful place for discussions /
getting answers.

To subscribe :

To mail : Ncep.list.wwatch3.users at lstsrv.ncep.noaa.gov

Arun Chawla
Waves Team Lead
Marine Modelling & Analysis Branch
Room 2101
National Center for Weather & Climate Prediction
5830 University Research Court
College Park, MD 20740
Ph: 301-683-3740
Fx: 301-683-3703
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