[Ncep.list.outagereports] NCEP DAILY OUTAGE REPORT FOR 03/02/2015 - FTPPRD NOMADS DELAYS - Closed

SDM sdm at noaa.gov
Mon Mar 2 11:03:04 UTC 2015


_*Problem Description and Cause*_;

Early Saturday Morning 2/28/15 at 1230am EST the original Phase I NetApp 
system  reached its capacity limit more quickly and earlier than expected.

_*Mitigation; *

_Saturday afternoon/evening  -  NCEP FTP services and NOMADS showed some 
improvement after NCEP/NCO removed a user that was downloading the same 
files several million times.  This was not the root cause but something 
that needed to be cleared.

Sunday Afternoon 3/1/15 around 2pm EST -  NCEP NCO Switched NCEP FTP 
services from Phase I NetApp storage system to Phase II  in order to 
relieve the load on the phase I storage system.

  By 3/1/15 730pm no delays.

*_Impact; _*

This has led to persistent delays (ranging from  1hr up to 5 hours at 
peak) for our model products reaching NCEP FTP and NOMADS websites.

*_Total Length of Outage/Delays;_*

42 hours

Senior Duty Meteorologist
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