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Sapna Banker - NOAA Affiliate sapna.banker at noaa.gov
Mon May 11 13:45:14 UTC 2015

Good morning,

As part of the data migration move of folders to the new shared drive
folders, the data migration team asked that we send them the path of the
location of the current folder structure where your documents are stored
(prior to the HQ restructure). They will then migrate those folders for you
to the new R drive which is your new shared drive under the restructure.
You will not have to copy/paste your files to the new shared drive. If you
do not provide the path, the data will not be transferred over.

This is only for anything you have stored on the S drive or U drive (not
your personal H drive or google drive).

If you have files in the old shared drive that you want moved forward,
please send me an email with the location path. I will then consolidate and
work with the data migration team and keep you informed of any updates or
questions they have.

Please send to me by COB Wednesday May 13.

Thank you,

Sapna Banker, PMP
NOAA NWS Integrated Dissemination Program (IDP)
Program Management Office (PMO)

Cube: SSMC2 12357
Office: (301) 427-9408
Email: Sapna.banker at noaa.gov

M2 Strategy, Inc.

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