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Date: Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Subject: ​A Critical Weather Day Is In Effect

*​A Critical Weather Day Is In Effect*

*Key Points*

   - A Critical Weather Day (CWD) is in effect from 11 pm EDT Monday, March
   30, 2015 until 9 pm EDT Tuesday, March 31, 2015.
   - The CWD is in effect due to Super Typhoon Maysak has the potential to
   impact islands associated with Pacific Region interests.
   - The CWD is for Pacific Region, NCEP, NWSTG, and NCF.


   - Users can get CWD status on the NCEP WEB page:

*Graphics**Forecast Track as of 0500 am EDT, March 31, 2015 for Super
Typhoon Maysak from the NWS WFO Guam. *

*Information in this report was **provided by NCEP SDM**.*

*Lora Wilson*
Emergency Response Specialist
National Weather Service Operations Center
U.S. Department of Commerce

Luis Cano
Silver Spring MD (SSMC2) room 16146, cell 443-975-2439
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