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Date: Friday, March 27, 2015
Subject: Announcement: FY 2015 3rd & 4th Quarter Training Schedule
To: CBS TrainingServices <CBS.TrainingServices at noaa.gov>

 The FY 2015 Financial Systems Division (FSD) Training Schedule for *3rd &
4th *quarter has been finalized.  The schedule and calendar are attached to
this message and will be posted soon to:: http://www.
corporateservices.noaa.gov/finance/cbs_training_schedule.html .

Registrations for NOAA Employees must be submitted via the Commerce
Learning Center (CLC) at NOAA (https://doc.learn.com/noaa) unless otherwise

For new employees who do not yet have access to the CLC or employees of
agencies cross-serviced by NOAA who do not have access to our NOAA CLC, you
may contact cbs.trainingservices at noaa.gov
<javascript:_e(%7B%7D,'cvml','cbs.trainingservices at noaa.gov');> in order to
get registered for a class outside of the CLC.

 New employees can get instructions on how to get added to the CLC at:

Contractors who do not have access to the CLC must have their COTR send a
written approval to cbs.trainingservices at noaa.gov
<javascript:_e(%7B%7D,'cvml','cbs.trainingservices at noaa.gov');> stating
they are authorized to register for the course.  If contractors need access
to the CLC for additional training, instructions on how to get added can be
found at:http://www.wfm.noaa.gov/e-learning/ContractorAccessCLC.html.

Please note that all virtual classes are held using GoToMeeting software
and a conference call.  Specific instructions are provided to individuals
registering for those sessions.

Training dates are subject to change and classes may be canceled and or
rescheduled due to limited registrations or to address specific user
needs.  Additional sessions will also be added for sessions that fill to
capacity.  Schedules at field locations may also be adjusted to accommodate
specific needs for users at those sites.  If you have a need for specific
training, or are interested in training at other locations, please contact
cbs.trainingservices at noaa.gov
<javascript:_e(%7B%7D,'cvml','cbs.trainingservices at noaa.gov');> and every
effort will be made to accommodate your request.

Please also note that we now offer several classes as Computer Based
Training (CBT) via the NOAA CLC.  These are self-paced computer based
versions of some of our more popular classes.  Our CBT offerings currently

- Travel Manager Reviewer/Approver
- Travel Manager Routing Admininstrator
- Travel Manager Sign Your Voucher Electronically (Geared towards travelers)
- Travel Manager Subject to Availability of Funds
- Commerce Purchase Card System (CPCS)
   - (Cardholder, Group Administrator and Approving Official)
-The Office of General Counsel's Reimbursable Agreement Course
-Reimbursable Agreements

We are providing this communication to ensure that everyone has an
opportunity to take advantage of available training opportunities.  Your
assistance in disseminating this message to others within your organization
is greatly appreciated.  We also welcome your input to ensure that the
training provided meets user needs.  If you have questions, or need
additional information, please contact the Client Services Training Team at
cbs.trainingservices at noaa.gov
<javascript:_e(%7B%7D,'cvml','cbs.trainingservices at noaa.gov');>.

Thank you.
FSD Client Services Training Team

Luis Cano
Silver Spring MD (SSMC2) room 16146, cell 443-975-2439
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