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I logged into the new systems today, https://doc.csod.com, and the
interface looked good. My previous training certificates were not in the
new system. I was able to log into the previous CLC system,
https://doc.learn.com/noaa, and save off my prior training certificates.
Recommend doing the same if you have training certificates in the previous


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Subject: [CORRECTION]: Launching Monday, June 1st: The Next Generation
Commerce Learning Center

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NOAA Employees


Workforce Management Office


*[CORRECTION]:* Launching Monday, June 1st: The Next Generation Commerce
Learning Center

The Department of Commerce is pleased to announce the launch of the
upgraded Commerce Learning Center on June 1st, 2015. Our new learning
management system will immediately enable you to enroll in training and
take many on-line courses. Your personal training history will also be
migrated to the new CLC, a process that will be completed in 'batches'
Department-wide over the course of June and July.

Looking ahead, many innovative features of the new system, such as social
networking capabilities for learners and a paper-free training
authorization (SF-182) process, will be introduced one at a time over the
course of the next several months.

You will receive two emails on June 1st from the sender 'clcsupport at doc.gov'.
*Do not delete these messages, as they contain your user name and temporary
password for creating your personal account in the Commerce Learning

After you create your new account, log in to the new CLC home page. Go to
the News and Announcements section for access to a Job Aid that will
provide detailed information about navigating the new CLC and discovering
how it can help you manage your own continuous learning.

NOAA will offer a training webinar for employees who want to learn more
about getting the most from the new Commerce Learning Center. The webinar
will be offered 12 times, beginning June 16, and continuing through the end
of July. When you log on to the CLC you can enroll in one of these webinars
online if you wish.

We encourage every NOAA employee to take advantage of the opportunities for
professional growth and development available at your fingertips with the
new and improved Commerce Learning Center.

For answers to questions about the *CLC rollout at NOAA*, please contact
the CLC Help Team at:
CLC.Help at noaa.gov.

For answers to questions about the *CLC rollout at NWS*, please contact the
NWS LMS Administrators at:
lms.nws at noaa.gov.

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monitored for incoming mail.

Luis J Cano, PMP
Director, Office of Dissemination
NOAA's National Weather Service
1325 East West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Office: 301-427-9269
Cell: 443-975-2439
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