[Ncep.list.nws_dissemination_office] Part 2: TRAINING & Routing Clarification [... Purchase Card Buy Request ...]

Steven Golston - NOAA Federal steven.golston at noaa.gov
Fri Aug 7 17:21:25 UTC 2015

*  *Routing Clarification*:
   -  Forward the form to Lou Cano [*ONLY*, Do not copy Cindy & Steven]

*  Training:  If you are requesting training, the purchase card request
form is not required.  Use the SF-182 (attached).  Do not enter your SSAN.
Use the same routing procedure.


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Subject: DISS "Purchase Card Buy" Request Procedure/Routing
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Hello, All;

Please use the attached form to request approval/authorization to make
official purchases, costing less than $3,000.00, using the DISS government
purchase/credit card.  The following instructions apply:

-  Complete Blocks 1 (Item, Qty & Price), 2, 3 & 4 (vendor website).
-  Your electronic signature is required in the "Requestor's Signature"
block & DATE
-  Forward the form to the Approving Official (*AO*):   *Lou Cano*
-  The AO will sign & forward to the Budget Officer (BO):  Cindy Shaffer
-  The BO will sign & forward to the Purchase Card Holder, Steven Golston,
to make the purchase

If you have questions concerning fund codes (Project/Task #) and/or funds
availability contact:  cindy.shaffer at noaa.gov.

If you have questions concerning authorized purchases contact:
steven.golston at noaa.gov.
Please DO NOT REPLY ALL, if you have questions about this specific e-mail.


(301) 427-9700
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