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For the DIS federal team, more to come on this for the upcoming AMS. As
noted below, Dissemination & Central Processing portfolios are sharing a
total of 7 slots. From my perspective, team members with accepted abstracts
who advance NWS to help build a weather ready nation, and from a DIS
POV,  should have priority for the DIS slots. But obviously &
unfortunately, not everyone will be allowed to go.

Would be interested to hear your ideas  on how to develop the list on
should go to AMS.


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Office Directors, Regional Directors, NCEP:

Last year we sent record numbers to the NWA and AMS Annual meetings.  Louis
and Laura made conference attendance a priority and were able to make the
case with NOAA and DOC.  Unfortunately, 44 NWS travelers had to be cut from
traveling to AMS because NOAA put a cap on the total budget for the
meeting--and we were directed to reduce numbers.  We'd all like to avoid
that unfortunate circumstance this time around.  I have talked to CFO and
AFS (Stern), as well as Laura and Louis, and many of your SSDs (CC'd
here)--the most appropriate process to follow in FY16 is to provide quotas
on travel to these 2 conferences.  With the NWA Annual meeting abstract
deadline last, this email serves as your guidance for many you may send to
the NWA annual meeting, pending availability of travel funds from your
region/office/ncep and pending group travel approval from DOC.

What was considered in the numbers:

   - Historic trends in travelers sent to NWA and AMS (past 5 years)
   - Number of WFOs/RFCs in a region.  Regions with more offices, have a
   higher quota.
   - In HQ, Offices with strong ties to R2O and science sharing have higher
   numbers than other HQ offices.  NCEP is included in this catagory.
   - NWA is a *National *Meeting--NCEP and NWS HQ do not send high numbers
   of attendees to regional/local meetings, thus explaining a potential
   perception of an imbalance between the "per capita" differences among HQ,
   NCEP, and Regions.
   - The HQ reorg is in place in terms of office structure.  Thus, we do
   not have a baseline yet and we tried our best to estimate how many would
   come from each HQ office.  One immediate change though is with Comms
   expanding greatly, and CLO being in OAA, we had to increase the traverlers
   from OAA.
   - *Percentages:  Field: 69%, HQ 31% of total*
   - Note that for the AMS annual meeting the percentages above may be
   adjusted slightly.  There is a stronger need internationally and policy
   wise for AMS vs. NWA.
   - We want to send the same amounts of NWS travelers to NWA as last year,
   thus are targeting *185 NWS travelers*

*Here are the quotas by office:*
Field 128:

   - AR:  4
   - PR:  2
   - ER:  18
   - WR:  22
   - CR:  32
   - SR:  28
   - NWC:  2
   - NCEP:  21

HQ 57:

   - FAC:  1
   - OAA:  13 (Comms and CLO included here)
   - OPPSD and COO (combined):  2
   - Dissemination and Central Processing (combined): 7
   - STI:  12
   - AFS:  12
   - OBS:  10

*Process to follow:*

   1. You (as office/regional/ncep director) decide who from your
   region/office/ncep should travel based on that quota.  I strongly recommend
   anyone who wants to go from your office/region/ncep above that quota be put
   on a wait list.  There is a strong chance that when all offices send in
   their numbers, many on the wait list will get the opportunity to attend.
   We are doing this early enough to afford plenty of time to work this out.
   2. If your region/NCEP plans to send less than your quota, that is okay
   too.  If any of the 128 field slots open up, John Murphy will determine
   where any extra slots go.  Those with people on the wait list may still get
   to go if other regions/ncep don't fill their quota.
   3. If an HQ office doe not fill their quota, we (OAA) will help
   determine where the extra slots would go, which could include shifting them
   to the field (and thus working with John Murphy).
   4. Southern Region and CLO/NCEP Only:  Local attendees in the OKC metro
   area do not need to be part of group travel and thus do not count against
   your quotas.  If they do not have travel orders, they do not need to be
   included on the group travel list.

Let  me know if you have any questions.  We will send out the group travel
data call as soon as the NWA decides which abstracts are oral or posters.

Final Note:  There are no per diem hotels within about 7 miles of the
annual meeting.  When we send the group travel datacall, I will include
specific instructions on what to put on the travel orders justifying the
need to go above the per diem lodging rates.  I will be working with NOAA
Corporate services on the language, and we all need to be consistent.


Paul Schlatter
National Weather Service
Deputy Chief of Staff

Mobile:  301-448-0663
Paul.T.Schlatter at noaa.gov
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Luis J Cano
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