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Luis Cano - NOAA Federal luis.cano at noaa.gov
Thu Apr 16 01:40:15 UTC 2015

For the federal team, is anyone interested in taking the lead for the
dissemination office to be on the team mentioned below by Sean? Would be a
good opportunity & experience. If so, please let me know by tomorrow

Thank you.

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Subject: POC for AD/SAN migration......
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Office Directors,

The Office of the Assistant Chief Information Officer (OACIO) will soon
begin the migration of the NWS HQ IT system to the match the new
organizational structure.  The OACIO requests a Point of Contact (POC) from
each new Office to assist in the transition.

Action:  Please provide a POC for this activity to Sean Wink (
sean.wink at noaa.gov <javascript:_e(%7B%7D,'cvml','sean.wink at noaa.gov');>)
 by 4/14/15.

OACIO will work with each Office POC to identify data under the old Office
structure, the associated access permissions to that data, as well as
opportunities for data achieving.

Thank you,
Sean Wink
Chief, Systems & Facilities Division
NOAA/National Weather Service
Western Region Headquarters
801.524.5138 x275

Luis J Cano
Director, Office of Dissemination
NOAA's National Weather Service
1325 East West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Cell 443-975-2439
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