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As our AA notes, this is an example.

One of the things we need to think through & plan is our strategy for our
office on where do we want NWS dissemination to be in three years to
improve dissemination services for our Field offices & our customers; to
help build a Weather Ready Nation.

I run a open office policy for our new dissemination office. I want to hear
your ideas on how to fix, sustain and improve NWS dissemination services.
If you have an idea, place 15 mins on any open space on the Google calendar
& let's have a chat. Everyone on this team has a voice and the work you do
matters. We may not be able to carry out your idea, but know you have a
voice and I'm committed to listen and keep an open mind.

Welcome to the dissemination office.


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 Folks: The future for taking our data to decision making.  This example is
for the business sector and represents a major step forward in what can be
done by facilitating access to our "big data".  Also has implications for
how we can better link our forecast offices to our partners to improve the
way we address the "last mile" and provide a solid foundation for the IDSS
required to build a weather ready nation.  Louis

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Dear Colleagues,

 I wanted to share some news from The Weather Company that I believe
highlights the growing importance of the work we do in the weather
enterprise and its impact on the global economy and jobs.  See here
for The Weather Company announcement about our new partnership with IBM to
support business decision making.


Luis Cano
Silver Spring MD (SSMC2) room 16146, cell 443-975-2439
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