[Ncep.list.nws-ncep-management] 00Z HIRES NMM-B model failures

NOAA SDM sdm at noaa.gov
Sun Jan 1 07:41:06 UTC 2017


The 00Z HIRES NMM-B model failed for all domains (CONUS, Hawaii, and Guam)
due to a problem with the digital filter initialization (DFI) at the 00 UTC
new year.

NCO support staff attempted to run the model with different filter options
while awaiting response from EMC developers. NCO personnel and the EMC
Mesoscale Modeling Branch Chief are discussing potential paths forward
which may include 1) running with no filter, or 2) cancelling this HIRES
NMM-B model cycle. A rerun at this point would result in at minimum 3-4
hour delay.

The HIRES ARW ran normally and it's products are available for the 00Z
cycle. The next model runs for these domains are at 12Z.

Rob Handel

Senior Duty Meteorologist
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