[Ncep.list.nws-ncep-management] 12Z GFS problem with initial processing...follow up summary

NOAA SDM sdm at noaa.gov
Sun Mar 20 18:33:41 UTC 2016

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A suspected problem with some point (upper air raob or aircraft) data,
caused the 12Z GFS and subsequently the 12Z GDAS to fail in the data prep
step prior to the model analysis runs.  NCO and EMC staff worked to find a
solution, and while the specific problematic data has yet to be identified,
a workaround was put into place that is allowing the 12Z GDAS to be rerun
on time.  The 12Z GFS is finishing up with an approximately 1 hr 47 min
delay.  Downstream 12-15Z models such as the OFS/wave models, GEFS, and
HIRES WRF-ARW/NMM will have lesser delays. The 18Z cycle is expected to run

Rob Handel
Senior Duty Meteorologist
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