[Ncep.list.nws-ncep-management] Issue with FAA receiving RAP data following model upgrade

NOAA SDM sdm at noaa.gov
Tue Aug 23 20:17:09 UTC 2016


The Rapid Refresh (RAP) model was upgraded as of the 12Z cycle this
morning.  Ahead of this upgrade, users were advised via the TIN that output
files would be written directly to GRIB2, rather than first being written
to GRIB1 and converted to GRIB2.  They were further advised of some
differences with the encoding and were encouraged to upgrade their software
to handle this.

This afternoon, FAA and their vendor Harris reported trouble decoding RAP
data following the upgrade.  NCO and EMC staff continue to work with these
particular users to find a workaround that will allow them to again receive
and view RAP data.

Other users including the AWIPS SBN data feed have been unaffected by this

Rob Handel
Senior Duty Meteorologist
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