[Ncep.list.nws-ncep-management] Problem with the 18Z NAM model

NOAA SDM sdm at noaa.gov
Tue Sep 29 23:44:20 UTC 2015


The 18Z run of the NAM model had problems since 2042Z this afternoon.  The
first forecast job run progressed 48 hours into the forecast, before
failing.  After coordination between our technical analysts and EMC model
developers, the 18Z NAM was restarted, with the forecast job progressing
out to 57 hours before failing again.

At this time, we believe these failures are related to how the NAM is
handling water temperatures associated near Tropical Storm Joaquin in the
Atlantic Ocean.  In support of troubleshooting this issue, our technical
analysts have backed out of a minor implementation that involves 4km NAM
nest water temperatures.

NCO will continue to work with EMC to get to the root cause of the failure,
and provide updates when more information is known.

Reginald Ready

Senior Duty Meteorologist
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