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Wed May 10 13:10:57 UTC 2017

 NOAA/NOS nowCOAST Status Message
9:10 AM EDT May 10, 2017

Due to upstream changes made for the 2017 Hurricane Season to the data feed
nowCOAST uses to display Tropical Cyclone Track and Intensity Forecasts,
nowCOAST's depiction of Tropical Storm Adrian in the Eastern Pacific
presently does not include labels for the first 72-hours of the track
forecast.  Additionally, the Cone of Uncertainty polygon is presently being
displayed with a crosshatch, rather than solid, fill.

This affects depictions on the nowCOAST map viewer and in the

A symbology fix is tentatively planned for implementation on or about June
1.  Until that time, the issues outlined above will apply to any tropical
cyclones being displayed on nowCOAST.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at
nowcoast.team at noaa.gov.

Jason Greenlaw
nowCOAST Team
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