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Raghu Reddy raghu.reddy at noaa.gov
Tue Feb 26 15:36:13 UTC 2019

Hi Ratko,

I have a quick note and a question about the last item:

>>>> 6. NEMSfv3gfs: On Jet, "module load slurm" is replaced by "module load slurm/default"

The need to load the module is a temporary one, and I agree that even if it is temporary you need to do this until this is no longer needed.  The requirement to load the slurm module will be removed after the transition.

One question I have is why the change from loading "slurm" to "slurm/default"?  I'm just trying to find out if from a system administration perspective if this is a difference only between Theia and Jet?  We are generally trying to keep them consistent, but I agree there may be times where we cannot, but this difference should not be there.  So I was just curious.


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Dear NEMS developers,

Wednesday between 2-3 PM EST we will commit following changes to these 

The branches:

produtil repo - master is already updated
NEMSfv3gfs repo - pull from gaea-f2 branch into master
NEMS repo - pull from gaea-f2 branch into master

The changes:

1. NEMS: location of rocoto is updated to 1.3.0rc2 in nemspara or 
hurdata areas.  Note that rc2 and rc3 are the same; the increment in 
some places was due to a miscommunication.

2. All three repos: Everything on GAEA is switched to /lustre/f2 except 
libraries which are expected to be ready soon.

3. NEMSfv3gfs: The workaround for Theia SLURM using 12 cores per node 
has been removed now that the bug in SLURM is fixed.

4. NEMS: Documentation in NEMS/doc is updated

5. NEMSfv3gfs: The wallclock limit on WCOSS Phase 2 is increased from 40 
minutes to 50 so that the expensive physics schemes will stop reaching 
their wallclock limit.

6. NEMSfv3gfs: On Jet, "module load slurm" is replaced by "module load 


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