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Samuel Trahan - NOAA Affiliate samuel.trahan at noaa.gov
Wed Nov 14 20:43:51 UTC 2018

Hi all,

All tests completed successfully.  The commit will go in as planned
tomorrow, Thursday, November 14, between noon and 2:30 PM Eastern time.


Sam Trahan

On Wed, 14 Nov 2018 at 11:30, Samuel Trahan - NOAA Affiliate <
samuel.trahan at noaa.gov> wrote:

> Hi all,
> The target commit time is now Thursday between noon and 2:30 PM Eastern
> time.  The delay is because some of my files were deleted from WCOSS before
> I could see the results.
> Long version...
> Last night, I was almost done with the final tests of the aforementioned
> NEMS commit, but something deleted all of my files under emc.nemspara for
> WCOSS Phase 1 & 3 before I could get the test results.  The files were less
> than twelve hours old, so this was either from the scrubber going crazy, or
> someone manually deleting the files.  Regardless, I'm going to have to redo
> the vanished tests.  Being a pessimist, I'm planning the commit tomorrow,
> Thursday November 15, between noon and 2:30 PM Eastern time.  I need the
> unusually long time window (2.5 hours) because three framework repositories
> are being updated (produtil, NEMS, and FMS).
> As promised, the gory details of the commit are below.
> Sincerely,
> Sam Trahan
> *Updates to add WCOSS Phase 3 (Dell) support in NEMS, NEMSfv3gfs, and
> produtil*
> All of these were from Sam Trahan:
> 1. produtil.cluster can detect WCOSS Phase 3, and report whether it is the
> operational side
> 2. produtil.run's automatic MPI chooser is updated to find IMPI on WCOSS
> Phase 3.
> 3. NEMS/tests/rtgen is updated to know how to autodetect the dell1/2/3
> ptmp & stmp with the most available space.
> 4. NEMS/src/incmake is updated for WCOSS Phase 3 awareness.
> 5. NEMSfv3gfs/compsets is updated to have baseline locations, Rocoto
> information, and node sizes, for WCOSS Phase 3.
> *FMS Updates*
> All of these updates are from Dom Heinzeller.  This is verbatim from Dom's
> pull request to the GFDL FMS master:
> "This PR adds missing/modifies existing/removes no longer needed
> portability features from the GFS-FMS branch with the goal to minimize the
> drift from NOAA-GFDL FMS master:
>    - "mpp/include/mpp_gather.h: bugfix/workaround for Intel18 compiler,
>    already in NOAA-GFDL/FMS master and required to run the fv3_stretched_nest
>    tests with Intel18
>    - "mpp/affinity.c: use empty functions to set and get affinity on
>    MacOSX platforms instead of removing functions entirely; this is a modified
>    version of the changes to mpp/affinit.c that was created based on the
>    request by Rusty, currently prepared for merging into NOAA-GFDL/FMS master
>    - "mpp/include/mpp_domains_define.inc: revert workaround previously
>    introduced for gfortran, no longer required; this change removes a
>    workaround that was needed several months back to mitigate a GNU crash when
>    starting up the model; it turns out that this is no longer required, most
>    likely because the crash in that particular file was only a symptom for an
>    issue that had to do with the ESMF version used back then (pre 7.1.0); that
>    workaround never made it into NOAA-GFDL/FMS master"
> *Other Updates*
> These updates come from various individuals, so they're detailed in
> parentheses.
> 1. Baselines are generated for NEMSfv3gfs on all Jets, GAEA, and all four
> WCOSS phases.  NEMSfv3gfs compsets are updated with new baseline
> locations.  (This update is from Sam Trahan.)
> 2. The t/u Jet now runs the fv3_wrtGauss_nemsio_c768.  (This update was
> modified from Terry McGuinness's FV3 GFS workflow port to Jet.)
> 3. Some invalid spaces were replaced with a tab in the GSDCHEM compilation
> logic in NEMS (This update is from Raffaele Montuoro.)
> 4. Configuration file dependencies in NEMS/src/incmake/configure*.mk files
> are corrected (This is Sam Trahan's resolution of bugs identified by Dusan
> Jovic.)
> 5. Some bash-specific logic in Makefiles was replaced with POSIX sh
> compliant code.  (This update is from Dusan Jovic.)
> 6. The temporary file components.mk is now deleted before the
> NEMS/GNUmakefile exits.  (This is Sam Trahan's resolution of bugs
> identified by Dusan Jovic.)
> 7. The tests-results.mk is handled as a regular configuration file (like
> configure.nems or modules.nems) and is cleaned up by "make unconfigure."
> (This is Sam Trahan's resolution of bugs identified by Dusan Jovic.)
> 8. Some "echo" statements were replaced by "@echo" so that the echo
> command is not printed.  (This update is from Dusan Jovic.)
> On Fri, 9 Nov 2018 at 15:11, Samuel Trahan - NOAA Affiliate <
> samuel.trahan at noaa.gov> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> There is a batch of NEMS and FMS commits coming in soon, focused on WCOSS
>> Phase 3 support and build system bug fixes.  The changes have already been
>> fully tested with all apps before today's FV3 commit.  I'm going to have to
>> re-run the NEMSfv3gfs tests before I can commit, and I don't like Friday
>> commits.  Thus, the commit will happen sometime next week, probably
>> Wednesday.
>> The branch with the changes is dell-produtil in NEMSfv3gfs, NEMS, and
>> NCEPLIBS_pyprodutil.  Overview of the changes:
>> 1. WCOSS Phase 3 (Dell) support for NEMSCompsetRun and
>> NCEPLIBS_pyprodutil (tested with NEMSfv3gfs)
>> 2. Portability changes in FMS (WCOSS Phase 3 support requires these)
>> 3. Various build system bug fixes in NEMS/src/incmake
>> 4. Enable an additional NEMSfv3gfs regression test on t & u Jets
>> I will refrain from giving the detailed, point-by-point, breakdown until
>> after I retest with the new FV3.
>> Sincerely,
>> Sam Trahan
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