[Ncep.list.nems.announce] two upcoming NEMS commits

Samuel Trahan - NOAA Affiliate samuel.trahan at noaa.gov
Wed Sep 20 15:40:41 UTC 2017

Hi all,

There are two NEMS commits going in soon, both of which modify the
NEMSCompsetRun.  The commits are backwards-compatible and low risk.
However, they will need twice as much testing as usual because they affect
baseline generation.  I'll send out branches soon.  Testing will start
Friday, and I'll try to finish by the end of the weekend.

The timing of the commit is partly contingent on whether there is enough
disk space somewhere on Theia to run the tests.  NEMS areas and all four
stmps hit quota over the past few days, and emc.nemspara cannot write
anywhere else.  I'll test on Gyre, Surge, and Jet first to detect any
likely issues before I test on Theia.

- The Changes -

1. Bug fix from Jun Wang to .bitcmp. comparison.  If an output file is
compared to a baseline by specifying the baseline directory (instead of
filename within the directory) then the baseline creation fails.  It does
not realize that the target is a directory because the directory does not
exist before the baseline is created:

    "RESTART/my_output.rst" .bitcmp. "@[BASELINE_DIR]/RESTART/"

The fix is to assume the target is a directory if:

 - it ends with a /
 - the last path component is .
 - the last path component is ..

Hence, after the commit, "@[BASELINE_DIR]/RESTART/" will work correctly if
it ends in a /

2. Add the capability to NEMSCompsetRun to compare NetCDF files
variable-by-variable instead of bit-for-bit.  This is needed for the CICE5
files, which contain a global metadata value containing the date at which
the file was created.  The actual contents of the variables should match.

The affected repos are:

- produtil
- NEMSfv3gfs

Sam Trahan
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