[Ncep.list.nems.announce] Upcoming NEMS, NEMSGSM, NMMBTestBed, and NEMSfv3gfs commits

Samuel Trahan - NOAA Affiliate samuel.trahan at noaa.gov
Fri Mar 3 14:44:43 UTC 2017

NEMS developers,

There are two sets of commits coming in soon to the NEMS and three apps.
The first set will change the NEMS trunk, the NEMSfv3gfs trunk, and the
NEMSGSM trunk to support changes to the NEMSfv3gfs.  The second will affect
all three of those, plus the NMMBTestBed app, to support changes from the
WAM-IPE app.

The first commit will go in between 2:00 and 5:00 Eastern time Wednesday,
March 8.

The second commit has no target date yet; it will likely be about a week or
two from now.

========== COMMIT #1: UPDATES FOR FV3 ==========

Commit time: 2:00-5:00 PM Eastern on Wednesday, March 8.

Relevant branches:

NEMS: https://svnemc.ncep.noaa.gov/projects/nems/branches/appify-fv3

---------- NEMS TRUNK ----------

1. NEMSAppBuilder can build the FV3

2. produtil external is updated to produtil v. 4.1

3. The NEMS/src/configure script is updated so that the application-level
custom compilation scripts can specify all four of the NEMS/src/conf files
by specifying a path.  That means the bulky "if" statement inside the
configure script no longer needs to be updated when the application-level
configure files change.

4. Add support for building and testing on WCOSS Cray

5. Workarounds for Luna module purging issues that users have encountered
over the last week or so (see NEMS/src/conf/module-setup.*.inc)

---------- NEMSfv3gfs APPLICATION ----------

1. compsets are added.  Input and baseline are the same as the rt.sh, so
updating the tests/ updates compsets.  To run the compsets:
./NEMS/NEMSCompsetRun -f

2. compile.sh uses modules and conf files and module files from the
NEMSfv3gfs level

3. rt.sh files input.nml.IN and model_configure.IN are in the parm/
directory so that the compset runner can use the same files

4. Third and fourth arguments to compile.sh are optional.  Defaults: no
MAKE_OPS, and the executable will be fv3.exe.

5. Workarounds for Luna module purging issues.  (tests/* now use the

6. A fifth regression test is added: fv3_appbuilder, which is identical to
the control, but uses the NEMSAppBuilder to build (via tests/appbuild.sh).
All other tests use compile.sh to build.

---------- NEMSGSM ----------

1. FIXGLOBAL in oldtests/rt.sh now points to the versioned area.

2. Update to the latest NEMS trunk.

========== COMMIT #2: UPDATES FROM WAM-IPE ==========

I'm not announcing branches or exact commit date until the details of the
WAM-IPE code changes are finalized.

---------- NEMS Trunk ----------

1. Space Weather mediator updated to latest wam-ipe version.

2. NEMSAppBuilder allows appBuilder files to specify which one is the
default selection in GUI mode.

3. Changes to the MAIN_NEMS resource usage monitoring to work around a bug
in IPE coupling.  Some of the component finalize steps call MPI_Finalize
without returning control to the MAIN_NEMS.  This is a bug in the
component, not NEMS.  However, I would rather put in workarounds at the
NEMS level since the bug will almost certainly come up again in another
component.  (If you look at the GSM source code, you will see many
MPI_Finalize calls.)

---------- NEMS uncapped branch ----------

1,2,3. Same changes as for the NEMS trunk

4. Changes to physics and dynamics to support the WAM-IPE coupling.

NOTE: if these changes in #4 break the NMMBTestBed, then they will not be
applied to the uncapped branch, and WAM-IPE will have its own fork of NEMS,
supported by the NEMS code manager.

---------- NMMBTestBed ----------

1. Update to head of uncapped branch

---------- NEMSfv3gfs and NEMSGSM ----------

1. Update to head of NEMS trunk
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