[Ncep.list.nems.announce] Fwd: Slight delay in upcoming commits due to technical issues

Samuel Trahan - NOAA Affiliate samuel.trahan at noaa.gov
Fri Nov 18 14:52:00 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Due to issues outside his control, Tom ran into some queuing and permission
issues when running the regression tests.  This will delay the three
upcoming commits.  None of these problems are Tom's fault or issues with
the commits and he could not have prevented them.  We will let you know
when we have a firm time for the commits.  The one positive outcome is that
I'll have time to add documentation of the NEMS build and test system in
commit #2.  It will be a Markdown file whose HTML version will be on the

Again, the three commits, in order, are:

1. Tom Black: Update NMMB external to latest trunk.

2. Sam Trahan: Various regression test updates (regtests branch)

3. Sam Trahan: Add resource usage reporting to the NEMS main program
(rusage branch).

Sam Trahan
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