[Ncep.list.nems.announce] Intent to commit to NEMS trunk: NEMS Ticket #170

Patrick Tripp patrick.tripp at noaa.gov
Thu May 26 23:16:35 UTC 2016

There is an upcoming commit to the NEMS trunk. Hopefully tomorrow 
afternoon (Friday May 27) after one issue with a regression test is 

Ticket to get the following updates made by Anthony Craig into the NEMS 

NEMS branch:

- adds ability to write mediator restart files at arbitrary intervals.
- updates the MOM 6hr output to include stresses

The following update can not be completed at this time due to 
outstanding issues.
   - updates the cice initial file to include snow

The CICE model in the bigmerge already had the intermediate restart 
capability, and verified that triggering it as regular  "seconds" 
intervals works.  Tested on theia with eul and slg for 1 day each, 
answers change as expected.

Several issues and next steps
- writing CICE restarts on theia is quite slow
- cice initial condition with snow

Full regression tests have passed on WCOSS and Theia (except for the 
gfs_slg_t574 test on Theia that will be resolved before committing.)

UGCS-Seasonal core compsets were also tested on WCOSS and Theia and 
saved baselines will be updated.

This is a normal reintegrate of the branch to the NEMS trunk. svn status 

M       tests/Compile_theia.log
M       tests/Compile_wcoss.log
M       tests/RegressionTests_theia.log
M       tests/RegressionTests_wcoss.log
M       tests/nems.configure.med_atm_ocn_ice.IN
M       NEMSCompsetRun
M       src/module_MEDIATOR.F90

Thanks - Patrick

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