[Ncep.list.nems.announce] Standalone version of NMMB code

Dusan Jovic dusan.jovic at noaa.gov
Thu May 26 19:18:02 UTC 2016

Dear NEMS Developers,

  As you are all aware, after the Gerhard's 'big merge' commit recently, 
the nmmb code is now located in separate subversion project on emc's 
server. It contains what used to be located in src/atmos/nmm directory 
before the merge. The svn external property has been added to the 
NEMSLegacy to checkout nmmb trunk (specific revision number not the top 
of the trunk) under src/atmos/nmmb directory. As a consequence, the 
regression test in NEMSLegacy will never run regression test using the 
current top of the nmmb trunk. Which means we do not have a way of 
testing the nmmb top of trunk. We (NMMB developers) have decided to 
build a stand-alone nmmb so that we can use stand-alone version to among 
other things do the full regression testing of the top of the trunk. In 
order to do that we will need to move nmmb specific modules from phys 
directory over to nmmb trunk. Few files/modules that are currently 
shared between nmmb and gfs will be temporarily copied over until the 
expected repository restructuring and creation of separate physics 
project, at which point we will use that physics project either as an 
svn:external or simply link against .a library.

Please take a look at this branch an let me know if you have any 
question, suggestion or objection.


After the change the nmmb trunk code will still work exactly the same 
under NEMS when checked out with NEMSLegacy and there will be no effect 
on development in the NEMS or gsm trunks.


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