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Jun Wang - NOAA Affiliate jun.wang at noaa.gov
Tue May 24 21:12:49 UTC 2016

Dear all,

Because Ratko is on vacation for three weeks and won't be able to update
the NEMS regression test results. I copied nmm/gsm regression tests on my
directories on theia at:


and wcoss at:


And updated NEMS  trunk with NEMS/tests/rt.sh pointing to above regression
test directories.

M       rt.sh

Committed revision: 76346



On Tue, May 24, 2016 at 10:51 AM, Jun Wang - NOAA Affiliate <
jun.wang at noaa.gov> wrote:

> Committed revision: 76291
> Ratko,
> Would you please copy over the gsm regression results on theia and wcoss?
> Thanks.
> Jun
> On Mon, May 23, 2016 at 11:42 AM, Jun Wang - NOAA Affiliate <
> jun.wang at noaa.gov> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> Some post merge gsm changes are ready to commit to trunk. The changes
>> include:
>> 1)zhour is zero in nemsio flx files, it needs to be updated in the
>> forecast integration
>> 2)gsm run script exglobal_fcst_nems.sh needs to add nemsio.configure and
>> atmos.configure to support standalone gsm run (e.g. parallel run)
>> 3)ATM clock needs to reset stopTime for restart case.
>> src/atmos/module_ATM_GRID_COMP.F90 is updated with Gerhard's fix.
>> 4)regression test gfs_slg_nemsio_read is added by the big merge, which
>> was replaced by gfs_slg for a while in previous trunk. gfs_slg_nemsio_read
>> is removed
>> 5)Wam is still using last forecast PE to write out nemsio file, the index
>> for the model level file is out of boundary and is fixed.
>> 6)In previous fix for diagnostic variable PBL clouds, the si is computed
>> from info in nemsio sigma files, this fix does not apply to the sigma file
>> input. So the piece of code to compute si is added back for sigio/sfcfio
>> input.
>> 7)TRAP related changes:
>> a) the subroutine dyn/getpwatptot can't be called in reset step as the
>> input fields are different from normal step.
>> b) Mf convection scheme has uninitialized variables.
>> With the two fixes, NEMS gsm can run with TRAP turned on.
>> Due to zhour change and the fix of uninitialized array in mfshalcnv.f,
>> new gsm baseline on theia and wcoss are created.
>> Regression test passed on both wcoss and theia, ready to commit to trunk.
>> The NEMS branch can be found at:
>> https://svnemc.ncep.noaa.gov/projects/nems/branches/jun/nems_gsmtrapon
>> The gsm branch is at:
>> https://svnemc.ncep.noaa.gov/projects/gsm/branches/jun/gsmtrapon
>> Please let me know if you have any questions.
>> Thanks.
>> Jun
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