[Ncep.list.nems.announce] Intent to commit to NEMS trunk - branch atmgcfix Trac ticket #173

Patrick Tripp patrick.tripp at noaa.gov
Thu Jun 16 17:42:07 UTC 2016

Intend to commit changes to the NEMS trunk. Waiting for final validation 
of 30 day coupled SLG run. Plan to commit Friday afternoon (June 17).

Full NMM and GSM regression tests have passed on Theia and WCOSS; there 
is no change to the answers in those tests.


Updates include the following:

module_ATM_GRID_COMPONENT.F90 - fixed issues relating to changes in the 
internal ESMF clocks used in the ATM and EARTH components.
Uses new CICE initial conditions that includes snow cover on sea ice
Updates the landmask calculation in the mediator. Resolves issues 
creating landmask for T574.
Cold-start mediator restart initial conditions are updated.
Removed nmm_bsub.IN template file from revision control - uses 
nmm_bsub.IN_wcoss, and nmm_bsub.IN_yellowstone
Cleaned up some compsets and point to new baselines.

Output of svn status:

D       tests/nmm_conf/nmm_bsub.IN
M       tests/Compile_theia.log
M       tests/Compile_wcoss.log
M       tests/rt.sh
M       tests/RegressionTests_theia.log
M       tests/RegressionTests_wcoss.log
M       NEMSCompsetRun
M       src/atmos/module_ATM_GRID_COMP.F90
M       src/conf/configure.nems.Theia.intel_gsm
M       src/conf/configure.nems.Theia.intel_nmmb
M       src/module_MEDIATOR.F90
M compsets/cfsr%20150401_1day_nems_gsm%slg%T126_cice%0.5_mom5%0.5
M compsets/cfsr%20150401_5day_nems_gsm%slg%T126_cice%0.5_mom5%0.5
M compsets/cfsr%20150401_1day_nems_gsm%eul%T126_cice%0.5_mom5%0.5
M compsets/cfsr%20150401_5day_nems_gsm%eul%T126_cice%0.5_mom5%0.5
M compsets/cfsr%20150401_30day_nems_gsm%slg%T126_cice%0.5_mom5%0.5
M compsets/cfsr%20150401_1hr_nems%cold_gsm%slg%T126_cice%0.5_mom5%0.5
M compsets/cfsr%20150401_30day_nems_gsm%eul%T126_cice%0.5_mom5%0.5
M compsets/cfsr%20150401_1hr_nems%cold_gsm%eul%T126_cice%0.5_mom5%0.5

Thanks - Patrick

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