[Ncep.list.nems.announce] NEMS commit

Jun Wang - NOAA Affiliate jun.wang at noaa.gov
Wed Apr 6 15:03:51 UTC 2016

Dear all,

Moorthi's changes are ready to commit to nems trunk. His nems ticket is:


Description from the ticket:

changes in the code are related to the way grid-point digital filter is
done, and fixing some error in overall digital filter. With the new way.
digital filter can be applied either at the initial time or after
restarting from a history file (e.g. second segment of forecast). If the
model is restarted from history file before all the high frequency output
was done, the code now can continue to output high frequency and then move
on to regular output interval. The grid point digital filter works fine
with all tracers in grid-point space only (i.e. gg_tracers=.true.)

On the NEMS side,
1) the file "configure.nems.Wcoss_C.intel_ESMF_630r_gsm" added to enable
compiling GSM on wcoss cray. The file "configure" is modified to use this
file to compile GSM on cray.
2)The script "exglobal_fcst_nems.sh" under tests directory is updated to
run on wcoss cray.
3) There are some cleanup and some optimization in GSM IO routines

The corresponding gsm ticket is:


The nems branch is at:

gsm branch is at:

New gsm regression test results are generated.

On NMMB side, A patch was made to src/atmos/nmm/module_SOLVER_GRID_COMP.F90
to resolve the uninitialized variables, but this parch also made NMMB time
series fail. We were told this will be resolved later and now we are
suggested to use the updated results for NMMB time series test.

With that, the full regression test passed on both theia and wcoss.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


M tests/exglobal_fcst_nems.sh
M tests/Compile_wcoss.log
M tests/RegressionTests_wcoss.log
M tests/Compile_wcoss.log
M tests/RegressionTests_wcoss.log
M tests/gfs_fcst_run.IN_Linux
M tests/gfs_fcst_run.IN_IBM
M src/configure

M src/atmos

X src/atmos/gsm
M src/atmos/phys/date_def.f
M src/atmos/phys/radiation_aerosols.f
M src/atmos/phys/radiation_surface.f
M src/atmos/phys/rascnvv2.f
M src/atmos/phys/cs_conv.f
M src/atmos/phys/grrad.f
M src/atmos/phys/sfc_nst.f
M src/atmos/phys/rayleigh_damp.f
M src/atmos/phys/gcm_shoc.f
M src/atmos/phys/gbphys.f
M src/atmos/phys/sfcsub.f
M src/atmos/io/module_WRITE_ROUTINES_GFS.F90
M src/atmos/io/module_GFS_WRITE.F90
M src/atmos/io/module_WRITE_GRID_COMP_GFS.F90
M src/atmos/nmm/module_SOLVER_GRID_COMP.F90
A src/conf/configure.nems.Wcoss_C.intel_ESMF_630r_gsm
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