[Ncep.list.nems.announce] Announcing NEMS/GSM parallel script training January 27th

Kate Howard - NOAA Federal kate.howard at noaa.gov
Thu Dec 10 19:21:59 UTC 2015

Good day everyone,

As most of you already know we, the global branch, are transitioning to the
new NEMS/GSM system for the upcoming FY17 upgrade, and because of that
there are a number of changes to the parallel system related to this
transition. To introduce everyone to NEMS/GSM, and running it in parallel,
there will be NEMS/GSM parallel script training next month:

*NEMS/GSM parallel training*
January 27th, 2016 9:00am - noon in room 2155

Meeting number: 628 940 232

877-577-6071   3124918#

*Training topics:*

In the training we will be focusing on the following topics:

- Changes between the current GFS parallel system and the new NEMS/GSM
parallel system (configuration, executable, filenames, etc.)
- File format changes, moving from sigio to nemsio.
- Making changes to the NEMS/GSM (svn, regression tests, etc.)
- Running a short cycled experiment with NEMS/GSM

Additional topics may be added.

*Training prerequisite:*

A prerequisite for this training is experience running the current GFS
parallel system. The NEMS/GSM training is not meant to be a full blown
tutorial on running the parallel system but, instead, to focus on the new
NEMS/GSM version of the system and changes from the old version. If you
have not run the GFS parallel system before then please take some time in
the next month to run one of the following T574 tutorials:

WCOSS: /global/save/emc.glopara/TUTORIAL/README_T574
Theia: /scratch4/NCEPDEV/global/save/glopara/TUTORIAL/README_T574

Since there may be a fair number of folks running the T574 tutorial on
WCOSS I ask that you remove your output once you are done and have compared
your output to the tutorial output. We don't want to impact others on the
machines, especially the global parallels currently running on WCOSS.

Any questions or issues with the T574 tutorials should come to me:
Kate.Howard at noaa.gov

Kate Howard
Global Forecast System (GFS) POC
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