[Ncep.list.nems.announce] NEMS trunk commit (RRTM2 to RRTM3 - NMMB)

Dusan Jovic dusan.jovic at noaa.gov
Thu May 22 16:11:03 UTC 2014


  I would like to announce the NEMS trunk commit after Jun makes her 
commit. I will commit the changes made by Hsin-Mu Lin, switching from 

The working copy of the trunk is in 
/meso/save/Dusan.Jovic/trunk-20140521_4_Dusan on tide if you'd like to 
check the changes. Five files/modules were modified:

[Dusan.Jovic at t14a1 trunk-20140521_4_Dusan]$ svn status .
X       src/atmos/gsm
*M src/atmos/phys/physparam.f**
**M       src/atmos/phys/rad_initialize_nmmb.f**
**M       src/atmos/phys/grrad_nmmb.f**
**M       src/atmos/phys/module_RA_RRTM.F90**
**M src/atmos/phys/radiation_aerosols_nmmb.f*

Performing status on external item at 'src/atmos/gsm'
[Dusan.Jovic at t14a1 trunk-20140521_4_Dusan]$

After Jun makes commit I will update working copy with the latest set of 
changes, copy the code over to Zeus and run full test on both machines.


On 05/15/2014 01:08 PM, Jun Wang - NOAA Affiliate wrote:
> Hi, all;
> I am merging my changes with latest trunk, I will be the next after 
> Xingren. Thanks.
> Jun
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