[Ncep.list.nems.announce] NEMS commit

Dusan Jovic dusan.jovic at noaa.gov
Fri Jan 3 16:16:19 UTC 2014


  I will make a commit to the NEMS trunk merging it with my branch:


See the ticket #68: https://svnemc.ncep.noaa.gov/trac/nems/ticket/68

Here is the branch commit log:

Branch update - dusan/old_passive_adv.

(1) removed old passive advection code (subroutines vadv2, hadv2, 
vadv2_scal, hadv2_scal and aveq2) from module_DYNAMICS_ROUTINES.F90 and 
corresponding calls from solver_run.
(2) removed unused configure file flags (idtad and advect_tracers) from 
internal state, module_GET_CONFING and configure files in regression 
test directory.
(3) removed unused timers (vadv2_tim and hadv2_tim) from 
module_CLOCKTIMES and solver.
(4) changed format in some diagnostic prints to silence ifort compiler.
(5) removed unused FFT arrays from solver internal state.
(6) Removed IKJ arrays (mostly *_GWD) from TURBULENCE driver. Flipping 
in vertical direction is now done directly in module_GWD.

The results are changed for NMMB nested domain (changed from old to new 
passive advection scheme) and all NMMB parent domains are not changed. 
GFS and FIM results are not changed.

My working copy on gyre is in /meso/save/Dusan.Jovic/trunk_oldadv and on 
zeus in /scratch2/portfolios/NCEPDEV/meso/save/Dusan.Jovic/trunk_oldadv. 
All regression tests passed on wcoss and I'm running full test on zeus. 
The svn status:

[Dusan.Jovic at g14a2 trunk_oldadv]$ svn status .
  M      .
X       src/atmos/gsm
M       src/atmos/nmm/module_SOLVER_GRID_COMP.F90
M       src/atmos/nmm/module_CLOCKTIMES.F90
M       src/atmos/nmm/module_GET_CONFIG.F90
M       src/atmos/nmm/module_SOLVER_INTERNAL_STATE.F90
M       src/atmos/nmm/module_TURBULENCE.F90
M       src/atmos/nmm/module_NMM_GRID_COMP.F90
M       src/atmos/nmm/module_GWD.F90
M       src/atmos/nmm/module_NMM_INTEGRATE.F90
M       src/atmos/nmm/module_DYNAMICS_ROUTINES.F90
M       job/regression_tests/RT.sh_IN
M       job/regression_tests/nmm_conf/nmm_nests_conf_03.IN
M       job/regression_tests/nmm_conf/nmm_nests_conf_04.IN
M       job/regression_tests/nmm_conf/nmm_fltr_conf_02
M       job/regression_tests/nmm_conf/nmm_fltr_conf_03
M       job/regression_tests/nmm_conf/nmm_fltr_conf.IN
M       job/regression_tests/nmm_conf/nmm_mnests_conf.IN
M       job/regression_tests/nmm_conf/nmm_mnests_conf_02.IN
M       job/regression_tests/nmm_conf/nmm_mnests_conf_03.IN
M       job/regression_tests/nmm_conf/nmm_mnests_conf_04.IN
M       job/regression_tests/nmm_conf/nmm_reg_conf.IN
M       job/regression_tests/nmm_conf/nmm_glob_conf.IN
M job/regression_tests/nmm_conf/nmm_mnests_conf_gens_02.IN
M job/regression_tests/nmm_conf/nmm_mnests_conf_gens_03.IN
M job/regression_tests/nmm_conf/nmm_mnests_conf_gens_04.IN
M       job/regression_tests/nmm_conf/nmm_nests_conf.IN
M       job/regression_tests/nmm_conf/nmm_nests_conf_02.IN
M       job/regression_tests/Compile_wcoss.log
M       job/regression_tests/RegressionTests_wcoss.log

Performing status on external item at 'src/atmos/gsm'


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