[Ncep.list.nems.announce] trying to understand a recent NEMS commit...

Gerhard Theurich theurich at sourcespring.net
Fri Feb 28 00:47:22 UTC 2014


I am a bit puzzled how I missed the commit announcement to the NEMS 
trunk that went in 19h ago as revision 37397. There are two issues:

1) It's hard to merge to the trunk when there are changes coming like 
that are not being announced. Yesterday I had merged branches/NUOPC 
changes to a trunk sandbox, resolved issues and started testing. I will 
repeat now...

2) The changes in question, updating to ESMF v6.3.0r in NEMS, I would 
have advised to approach the issue differently. Starting with v5.2.0r, 
ESMF guarantees a large degree of backward compatibility of the API. The 
idea behind added the "520rAPI" setting in NEMS was to use it on all 
520rAPI compatible ESMF releases, which should be pretty much any future 
release. The same internal macros would be used in NEMS, and eventually, 
when the use of prior ESMF versions (like v3.1.0rpX) dies out in NEMS, 
all of that ESMF version specific macro jungle could be cut down. I 
think we should revisit the changes.


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