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Cecelia DeLuca - NOAA Affiliate cecelia.deluca at noaa.gov
Wed Dec 24 00:35:54 UTC 2014

Suru, Moorthi, Mike, and all,
Mary was able to provide our team with additional hours today and Tony can
submit jobs again. Thanks to you and Mary for the rapid response!
Happy holidays,

On 12/23/2014 12:40 PM, Cecelia DeLuca - NOAA Affiliate wrote:
> Dear all,  as Gerhard reported last week, the NEMS allocation on zeus 
> is negative for
> Dec. This is slowing down our team's progress, and in particular is 
> slowing down Tony
> who has time in the next week to work on the coupled system, but is 
> unable to
> run jobs.
> I know many people are out, but is anyone reading who could please 
> help to either
> add additional time to the NEMS allocation or direct Tony to another 
> option? It may be
> that I am not aware of something we should have done. It seems like a 
> shame to
> let this administrative issue get in the way of making progress.
> Thanks,
> Cecelia

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