[Ncep.list.nems.announce] Proposed NEMS commit for Performance Improvements to RRTM-G

John Michalakes john.michalakes at noaa.gov
Tue Aug 19 11:26:09 UTC 2014

Hi All, 

All but one test passes on Zeus (RegressionTests_zeus.log attached).  The
failure is:

  Test 7
  Test NMMB-regional with GFS physics package

  Checking test 7 results ....
   Comparing nmmb_hst_01_bin_0000h_00m_00.00s............MISSING file
   Comparing nmmb_hst_01_bin_0024h_00m_00.00s............MISSING file
   Comparing nmmb_hst_01_nio_0000h_00m_00.00s............MISSING file
   Comparing nmmb_hst_01_nio_0024h_00m_00.00s............MISSING file
   omparing nmmb_rst_01_bin_0012h_00m_00.00s............MISSING file
   Comparing nmmb_rst_01_nio_0012h_00m_00.00s............MISSING file
   Test 7

which is expected because the GFS physics option in NMMB has been
temporarily disabled until that option can be updated to RRTM3. 

I have committed the changes to the trunk as r44422 and have closed ticket
#102.  Summary of the changes is appended to the end of this message.

I have started a regression test on Gyre using the top-of-trunk and will
advise if there are any issues.


=== summary ===

Committed as:

r44422 | john.michalakes at noaa.gov | 2014-08-19 10:59:15 +0000 (Tue, 19 Aug
2014) | 9 lines

Trunk commit:
Changes associated with Trac ticket #102:

   1. Update NMMB version of RRTMG to increase thread concurrency and
   2. Split NMMB and GFS versions of RRTMG temporarily so changes affect
only NMMB
   3. Add unpublished conf options for MIC to esmf_version 

JM 20140819

Modified files:

Index: src/atmos/phys/radiation_aerosols.f
Index: src/atmos/phys/grrad_nmmb.f
Index: src/atmos/phys/module_RA_RRTM.F90
Index: src/atmos/phys/makefile
Index: src/atmos/phys/radiation_aerosols_nmmb.f
Index: src/atmos/phys/machine.f
Index: src/atmos/phys/radsw_main_nmmb.f
Index: src/atmos/phys/radlw_main_nmmb.f
Index: src/atmos/nmm/module_SOLVER_GRID_COMP.F90
Index: src/atmos/nmm/module_RADIATION.F90
Index: src/conf/configure.nems.Yellowstone.intel
Index: src/conf/configure.nems.Zeus.intel
Index: src/conf/configure.nems.Linux.g95
Index: src/conf/configure.nems.Wcoss.intel_ESMF_630r_gsm
Index: src/conf/configure.nems.Wcoss.intel_ESMF_630r_nmm
Index: src/conf/configure.nems.Jet.ifort
Index: src/conf/configure.nems.Gaea.intel
Index: src/conf/configure.nems.Wcoss.intel
Index: src/conf/configure.nems.Linux.intel
Index: src/conf/configure.nems.Unicos.intel
Index: src/conf/configure.nems.Gaea.pgi
Index: src/conf/configure.nems.Linux.pgi
Index: src/conf/configure.nems.savoy.ifort
Index: src/conf/configure.nems.Linux.gnu
Index: src/conf/configure.nems.Wcoss.intel_ESMF_520rp1
Index: src/module_NEMS_GRID_COMP.F90
Index: src/esmf_version
Index: src/makefile

To see differences:

svn diff -r 44421:44422 https://svnemc.ncep.noaa.gov/projects/nems/trunk

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