[Ncep.list.nems.announce] New commit history page on NEMS Trac wiki

Nicole McKee - NOAA Affiliate nicole.mckee at noaa.gov
Tue Sep 24 11:42:21 UTC 2013

Hi everybody,

In following what I had done for the GFS Trac wiki in providing a page
showing all previous trunk commits, I decided to do the same for NEMS. To
view the page, you can access it from the main NEMS Trac wiki,
https://svnemc.ncep.noaa.gov/trac/nems/wiki/WikiStart, and click on
'Previous NEMS Updates' under 'NEMS Usage and Resources'. There are also
links to the public NEMS website under the same heading.

If you would prefer to access the page directly, go to

I hope this will be a useful resource for you! Please let me know if you
ever have any suggestions or comments.


Nicole McKee
IMSG/NCEP-EMC Global Modeling Branch
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