[Ncep.list.nems.announce] MUST READ: Incorrectly created branches in GFS & GSM svn projects!

Kate Howard - NOAA Federal kate.howard at noaa.gov
Thu Oct 31 14:20:07 UTC 2013

Good day GFS & GSM svn developers,

It was discovered that a number of GFS and GSM svn branches were created
incorrectly. The branches in question were not created from a copy of the
respective trunk, using the "svn copy" command, as instructed in numerous
subversion tutorials given over the past years. This resulted in the loss
of merge-info and change history.

Two recent commits were done with branches that were not created through
the correct procedure. This resulted in loss of merge-info for those
updated files and issues with developers syncing their branches with the
trunk thereafter.

*Those with offending branches will be contacted separately and instructed
on actions required to solve this issue.*

*As a reminder to everyone...here is how to properly create a branch:


For further information on creating branches see this GFS Trac wiki page:


*If you are unsure of whether your branches were synced with the trunk
properly please try the following on your working copy:*

1) svn merge --dry-run FULLTRUNKPATH .

(Make note of ".") If you have conflicts feel free to contact your code
manager for help.

2) svn merge FULLTRUNKPATH .

3) svn commit -m "Branch update: INSERT MESSAGE"

More information on merging can be found here:


*If you have any questions DO NOT HESITATE to ask Nicole or Kate for help.*
*It may be Halloween but we don't bite.*

Your friendly code managers,
Kate (GSM) & Nicole (GFS)
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