[Ncep.list.nems.announce] Trunk Update

Henry Juang - NOAA Federal henry.juang at noaa.gov
Fri Jun 28 13:25:01 UTC 2013

I am ready to commit nems ticket37 to trunk. The purpose and modification
are described in the ticket in details.

The code has been reviewed by Jun Wang. Correction is applied. During RT,
sometime I will hit strange failures, which Ratko said he had the same
thing some time. After I made tags/gsm_wam_ndsl_adiabatic from
branches/ticket37, I got the same situation and some previous RT tests,
though once all RT are passed in three machines. After rerun, it was all
right.  Since it was no problem, and I will rerun RT again without any
changes, it should be okay. Nevertheless I will commit early next week
while all rerun RT in three machines are success today.

The work copy in each machine:

(1) cirrus

(2) wcoss

(3) zeus

The files changed are:

M       job/exglobal_fcst.sh.sms_nems (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
M       job/run_gh_l150_32pe (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
M       phys/info.f (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
M       phys/gfs_physics_grid_comp_mod.f (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
A       dyn/spect_to_grid_rqt.f (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
A       dyn/grid_to_spect_rqt.f (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
M       dyn/makefile_essl (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
M       dyn/do_dynamics_one_loop.f (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
M       dyn/ndslfv_massadvh.f (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
M       dyn/spect_to_gridxy.f (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
M       dyn/do_dynamics_mod.f (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
M       dyn/gfidi_gchdp_noadv_noq.f (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
M       dyn/sumder2.f (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
M       dyn/ndslfv_pack.f (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
M       dyn/do_dynamics_two_loop.f (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
M       dyn/treadeo.io.f (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
M       dyn/info.f (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
M       dyn/makefile (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
M       dyn/gfidi_hyb_gc_h.f (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
M       dyn/ndslfv_monoadvh.f (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
M       dyn/gfidi_hyb_gchdp.f (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
M       dyn/gfidi_hyb_gc.f (.../trunk) (revision 29535)
M       dyn/makefile_fftpack (.../trunk) (revision 29535)

I will commit on Monday, if there is no problems.

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