[Ncep.list.nems.announce] Planned commit to NEMS trunk Ticket #42

Ratko Vasic ratko.vasic at noaa.gov
Thu Jul 11 23:35:14 UTC 2013

Hi all,

after Gerhard's commit, I'll update NEMS trunk with small changes:

Eric's (Aligo) corrections for grads ctl files for regional NMMB. (NOTE, 
for the nests it is still unusable since rotation of the domain is not 
around center of the nest, it is rotated around center of the parent 
RT.sh_IN - few simplifications.

X       src/atmos/gsm
M       src/atmos/nmm/module_DIAGNOSE.F90
M       src/atmos/nmm/module_SOLVER_GRID_COMP.F90
M       src/atmos/nmm/module_WRITE_GRID_COMP.F90
M       src/atmos/nmm/module_WRITE_ROUTINES.F90
M       job/regression_tests/RT.sh_IN
M       job/regression_tests/RegressionTests_zeus.log
M       job/regression_tests/Compile_ccs.log
M       job/regression_tests/RegressionTests_ccs.log
M       job/regression_tests/Compile_zeus.log

Source code:

Test passed on CCS and Zeus (WCOSS is currently unavailable for 
developers). I'll run all tests again when I merge Gerhard's changes.


On 7/11/2013 6:57 PM, Gerhard Theurich wrote:
> Hi again,
> I would like to commit a change set that has one very small modification
> in one file, "job/regression_tests/rt_gfs.sh", compared to the sandbox I
> referenced earlier. The new sandbox (again with regression results from
> Zeus) can be found on Zeus:
> /home/Gerhard.Theurich/NEMS.trunk29084-working-merge-more
> The only difference compared to the earlier announced sandbox is in the
> one file "job/regression_tests/rt_gfs.sh", dealing with the way the
> script is figuring when a job has completed under PBS. The new version
> of this file uses qstat for PBS, as did the earlier proposed change,
> however, it does it in a smarter way which doesn't result in waiting
> several minutes after a job has completed before continuing with the
> validation step. There are no other changes, in any other files,
> compared to the earlier announced change set, and both sandboxes are
> available for inspection and have completed regression testing.
> Please let me know if there is any objection to commit from the more
> recent sandbox. I am planning to commit tomorrow around 9amET.
> Thanks,
> -Gerhard
> On 07/11/2013 07:20 AM, Gerhard Theurich wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have another set of changes that are ready to be committed to the NEMS
>> trunk. These changes constitute another incremental step under the
>> larger task of bringing NUOPC compliant OCN components into NEMS. As
>> discussed during the UMIG call on 06/14/13, I opened a NEMS ticket that
>> captures this larger task, and I will be updating it after each commit.
>> The NEMS ticket is #41.
>> The proposed changes with regression run outputs are located on Zeus:
>> /home/Gerhard.Theurich/NEMS.trunk29084-working-merge
>> The major changes contained in this change set are:
>> (1) Replacement of the currently stubbed OCN integration with a NUOPC
>> compliant approach. In this approach the OCN component need not live
>> within the NEMS source tree. All the implicit build dependencies on the
>> "ocean" directory and its subdirectories have been replaced with a NUOPC
>> compliant integration.
>> (2) Only one NMM-B test case is currently run under the RT.sh "nuopc
>> test" option. The NEMS.x for this test case is built with an integrated
>> HYCOM component. Both NMM-B and HYCOM are executed from within the same
>> executable.
>> (3) Handling of the ESMF ERROR codes in the three top level files
>> (MAIN_NEMS.F90, module_NEMS_GRID_COMP.F90, module_EARTH_GRID_COMP.F90)
>> has been change to be macro based to allow the error messages to contain
>> file name and line number. The error handling on these three levels has
>> been made stricter.
>> -Gerhard
>> The list of changes in detail:
>> M    src/atmos/module_ATM_GRID_COMP.F90
>>          -> ESMF versioning and code cleanup around NUOPC option.
>> M    src/atmos/nmm/module_DOMAIN_GRID_COMP.F90
>>          -> Stricter ESMF ERROR code checking.
>> M    src/conf/configure.nems.Zeus.intel
>>          -> Add NUOPC based OCN settings.
>> M    src/module_NEMS_GRID_COMP.F90
>>          -> ESMF ERROR code handling and versioning clean-up.
>> M    src/module_EARTH_GRID_COMP.F90
>>          -> OCN dependency to be NUOPC based.
>>          -> ESMF ERROR code handling and versioning clean-up
>> M    src/module_EARTH_INTERNAL_STATE.F90
>>          -> Remove OCN and ICE Component and State members.
>> M    src/MAIN_NEMS.F90
>>          -> ESMF ERROR code handling and versioning clean-up.
>> M    src/ESMFVersionLogic.h
>>          -> Add two ESMF ERROR handling macros.
>> M    src/makefile
>>          -> Introduce OCN build variable with valid settings:
>>             "dummy", "hycom", "mom5".
>>          -> Replace all dependencies on the "ocean" dir and subdirs with
>>             compliant build dependencies on an externally provided ESMF
>> component.
>>          -> Adjust the help message that is printed under the "all" target to
>>             include information on how to build with OCN.
>>          -> Remove all "hycom" targets.
>> M    job/regression_tests/RT.sh_IN
>>          -> Build NEMS.x with OCN=hycom under NUOPC, and run as part of
>> the NMMB
>>             test. Disable GFS testing under NUOPC for now.
>> M    job/regression_tests/nmm_conf/nmm_glob_run.IN
>>          -> Set symbolic links in execution directory to HYCOM input files.
>> M    job/regression_tests/nmm_conf/nmm_qsub.IN
>>          -> Compliance checker ON with depth=4.
>> M    job/regression_tests/rt_gfs.sh
>>          -> Move the "sleep 60" to where it prevents false failures at
>> start-up.
>>          -> Use qstat instead of showq for pbs.
>> M    job/exglobal_fcst.sh.sms_nems
>>          -> Compliance checker ON with depth=4.
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