[Ncep.list.nems.announce] Looking for information that could be reference for web documentation

Nicole McKee - NOAA Affiliate nicole.mckee at noaa.gov
Thu Aug 22 14:31:16 UTC 2013

Hi everybody,

In the process of updating the public NEMS website, I am realizing that
some of the processes for doing things on WCOSS are slightly different than
on CCS, having to do with the code evolving as well. I am currently looking
to update how to run the different NEMS models (NMM-B, GFS, etc) on WCOSS
and would love to have examples of scripts that are used. Or if you can
suggest a sample script from the trunk that works on WCOSS, that would be
great, too. I had also made reference to running off of regression tests,
so if you feel that is still a method to be included, then I can work with

I am also looking for how the post could be run in standalone mode with
NEMS output. All of my old stuff does not appear to work on WCOSS.

I would love to have input from you! I can only make the NEMS website as
robust as the information I receive.


Nicole McKee
IMSG/NCEP-EMC Global Modeling Branch
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